Friday, July 3, 2009

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is a American model, but she is also know for her performances as a exotic dancer. She is mostly know for her relationship wit Kanye West, but I'm gonna write about her style and her being a model.
Amber has been modeling for many things, she has been modeling nude for a Louis Vuittton advertisement ft. Kanye West's line of sneakers.
Amber is known for her outstanding look, wich includes almost- shaved, dyed blonde hair, her large smile, and the pink lips. The way she combinate, animalprint, colors, vintage and leather, and sill looks very elegant and stylish, make me look at her as some one, we all should be keeping an eye on.

(Amber Rose wearing denim, and animalprint)

(Amber Rose wearing leather and colors)

(Amber Rose in a more elegant outfit)

( Amber Rose with her newest hair color)

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